Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Great Films You've Never Heard Of…. (PART 45)

Tumbling right off the top of our in-tray comes exclusive news of a forthcoming Mondo Macabro DVD release.

Out “some time later this year” will be the very first ever DVD release of Born of Fire. Pretty much unseen anywhere since its 1986 release, BOF is an hallucinatory journey into cosmic consciousness, in the spirit of Jodorowsky’s El Topo or The Magic Mountain. But comparisons are always ill advised, so let’s just say that it’s pretty much unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Starring Peter Firth (Lifeforce; Highlander), Suzan Crowley (The Draftsman’s Contract) and Stefan Kalipha (Superman 111; Indiana Jones), and lensed in some of the most incredible natural landscapes in the world, this is a film we’re delighted to be bringing back to a wider audience.

The film was written and directed by Jamil Dehlavi, who went on to make the fascinating Jinnah, a film about the founding of Pakistan, which was controversial for featuring Christopher Lee as the titular Quaid-e-Azam. In fact it was one Lee’s finest ever performances, as he acknowledges here:

Born of Fire will feature an exclusive interview with Jamil Dehlavi about his career and the making of the film.

Here's a few pics to whet your appetite.


  1. Oh sweet, I have this on VHS and the original poster! I was planning on doing an article about Islamic horror movies and the DVD extras I'm sure will be helpful. I will definitely buy it the minute it's out!

  2. Wow, those screens are amazing!!

  3. hi Toff -
    any chance you can scan us the poster and cover ? - or least send a pic of it!
    Mondo HQ

  4. Amazing! Can't wait. Mondo releases are the best! It's a shame that we won't see any of the WARRIOR sequels on DVD from you. DAMN all downloaders.

  5. I am down for anything with Christopher Lee toplining, the title of the post certainly applies as Ive never heard of this one, will keep an eye out for it!