Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Taste the last drop of Satan's Blood...

Our disc of Satan's Blood is being deleted - when they're gone - they're gone! So I guess this is the last chance you'll have to taste Satan's Blood on DVD for a while - pick up a copy from our friends at Diabolik DVD here.

DVD specs here.

"A lovingly crafted release of a culturally significant nightmare of surrealism and sexuality, Satan’s Blood spills as much brains as blood!" DVD Drive In

"A rare film that truly lives up to the label of erotic horror, Satan's Blood (Escalofrío) was one of the first films to take full advantage of post-Franco relaxations in film censorship and earned itself a nasty reputation in the process. Packed with unabashed frontal nudity, bloodshed, and downright spooky visuals (including a really creepy doll that comes into play in the second act), this is quite a bit harder than most previous Spanish horror films like the Paul Naschy monsterfests. The final ten minutes are especially potent, delivering a nasty frisson that lingers after the end credits. Though director Carlos Puerto didn't go on to do much else, horror fans will certainly recognize another name in the credits: producer and art director Juan Piquer Simón (a.k.a. J.P. Simon), who wormed his way into the hearts of sleaze fans worldwide by directing such films as Pieces, Slugs, The Pod People, and Cthulu Mansion. To put it mildly, this is far more accomplished and atmospheric than his usual fare, and much lighter on the ridiculous (but highly quotable) dialogue. Moody, shocking, and wonderfully constructed, this one's a definite keeper." Mondo Digital


  1. This is an awesome movie in so many aspects.
    I'm glad I own it. People reading this post should get theirs before it's gone!

  2. Thanks for letting everyone know - luckily I have a copy already.

    Is there anyway, you could post a list of current OOP titles?!?!