Tuesday, 31 July 2012


The beautiful Countess Martine de Bressac is released from the expensive asylum where she was incarcerated after castrating her former lover. She returns to her luxurious villa on the coast and goes at once down into her private underground dungeon. It’s here that she indulges herself in the perverse sexual practices that give her life meaning, surrounded by the bizarre human statues of her previous victims.

Her husband, Charles, feeds his wife’s sick fantasies, aware that she is his meal ticket to a life of luxury. He announces that he has a new game for her - they will befriend and seduce the young and virginal daughter of a rich neighbour. But things do not go exactly as planned...

Release Date and Specs TBA


  1. I understand Jess Franco has a lot of fans but sadly I'm not one of 'em as I find his films rather deplorable when it comes to a film-making standpoint and entertainment value. I do hope these Franco DVDs sell good enough so more non-Franco films can be released in the future. I'm looking forward to more Indonesian delights!

  2. I understand Jess Franco has a lot of fans and fortunately I'm one of 'em as I find his films rather unique when it comes to a film-making standpoint and entertainment value. I do hope these Franco DVDs sell good enough so more Franco films can be released in the future!

  3. Can't wait! I love this movie! I think it's one of Franco's more twisted films from the '70s.

  4. Then you haven't seen many Franco-movies. He's the best, pure poetry. Especially Sinner, what a masterpiece!

  5. "New" Franco is always welcome. I eagerly await this latest delight :)

  6. Really weird question but, I watched this movie at a friend's sometime ago and I didn't catch the title or the closing credits!

    There's a segment that follows a virgin girl and her boyfriend who proceed to his house (or a hotel?) to have sex but, they end up not because the boyfriend is unable to get an erection. The girl leaves, goes back to her apartment and is locked out (she forgot her keys). Her neighbor, living next door in the adjacent apartment, sees this and invites her into his. He's older, charming, typical dude in a suit. As the scene unfolds, she sits on his couch, he offers her red wine to which she drinks a gratuitous amount and gets a little tipsy--now, the neighbor has her browsing through a book which depicts someone (it looked like a photo with a child with a penis in front of its mouth?) giving fellatio and asks her if she likes it. He then seduces her, kissing, etc. giving her the afternoon her boyfriend couldn't.

    All of the characters I described above were brunet albeit the girl could easily be construed as "dirty blondish".

    I know it sounds like a lame porn flick but, I'd like it for my film class as I'm not remembering the "porn" or the "plot" so much as I'm remembering the cinematography.

    It looked like it was filmed in the 70s or 80s (early in either decade) as the characters wore really retro clothes and the cinematography followed fairly similar principles to the filming back then. I'm not even going to rule out if it was filmed in the 60s. It was also European: possibly Dutch or German (even though those are kinda synonymous) or even, Swedish. I also believe it was divided into segments--like anthology-style or just involving segments centralizing on particular characters.

    I really need to find this movie--I remember it so vividly, I wish I had some Cerebro-like machine from the Marvel universe to just physically manifest my thoughts to google but, we're not cool enough for that technology yet.

    Anyway, please help! Movie titles! Thanks!

  7. I have almost every film Jess Franco made and he is a genius at what he was able to do. The new releases will make it out on DVD and Blu-ray formats. It's the stories that work and as long as you can relate and escape with them and you're a happy camper! Thanks MM and Uncle Jess!

  8. A long-anticpated Franco classic and thanks, Mondo! Also, feel free to visit my forum on Jess Franco! http://www.voy.com/220201/

  9. I didn't know who to send my DVD review to, so here you go - http://www.coffeecoffeeandmorecoffee.com/archives/2013/09/how_to_seduce_a.html