Monday 30 March 2009

Bollywood Horror Collection: Vol2 streets tomorrow

The second in our series of Ramsay Brothers Hindi Horror classic double bills hits the streets tomorrow - well..OK...we're talking metaphorical streets here as we all know that this stuff never actually does hit the streets - those stores have no shelf space left after they've filled up with Sex & City The Movie etc etc but hey.... luckily our friends at HKFlix, TLA and Diabolik DVD stock all this stuff and more (check the links to your right) - as well as your favourite online megastores no doubt....

Make sure you pick this up if only for VEERANA - a true classic of world wide wierd cinema... no discerning out there movie lover should be without this one.

The disc is picking up great's a few tasters:

Veerana is almost two and a half hours of sheer fucking awesomeness! This set is a blast, it's wacky fun from start to finish and those who appreciate the ‘everything but the kitchen sink' mentality that our friends from the East tend to apply to their films needs to own this, pronto. AVManiacs

Mondo Macabro returns to the vaults of the brothers Ramsay to mine two new gems for the second volume in their Bollywood Horror Collection. Busy with Gothic mansions, satanic curses, hard drinking men, exotic dames and cemeteries that burst into flames - if you’ve never had the pleasure of partaking in a night of Bollywood horror, this is an ideal place to start. DVD Drive In

A riveting tale about possession that gradually builds the impending terror with its baroque visuals and the mesmerizing performance via its lead actress Jasmin 10K Bullets

Marquis De Sade's Prosperities of Vice : DVD for June

Here's an exclusive first look at the cover art for our June 09 title - Marquis De Sade's Prosperities of Vice. Again, made for Nikkatsu studios, but for their short lived ROPPONICA line.... a return to the glory days of the original roman porno classics - more of the flavour of Watcher In The Attic. As with all the releases in our Nikkatsu Erotic Cinema series the disc will feature an introduction from film historian Jasper Sharp and the Nikkatsu documentary that gives an overview of the whole studio.

Friday 20 March 2009

It's trash...official!

For those of you lucky enough to be in downtown Tokyo - our movie Zibahkhana plays the Trash Movie Festival on Monday.... more details here

After the Warhol Museum play we think it's now fair to say that Zibahkhana is officially a cult classic!

Thursday 5 March 2009

Here come the Girls! Eurotika at CMC

Often unsung but never forgotten - the women of Eurocult speak! Eurotika episode: So Sweet, So Perverse is up and streaming at our sister site The Cult Movie Channel

Click below to view