Monday 14 May 2012

Mondo Macabro Back-Catalog Spotlight Vol. 1: VIRGINS FROM HELL!!

Welcome to the first in a new monthly series spotlighting Mondo Macabro's back catalog treasures. For our inaugural entry, Cinema Sewer's Robin Bougie reminisces about his initial impressions of the Indonesian exploitation classic VIRGINS FROM HELL!

Virgins From Hell busted my Indonesian action cherry.

“Tortured, abused, sold into slavery, they sought revenge at any cost” was the tagline used on the back of the Mondo Macabro dvd release of “Virgins From Hell” in order to whip up viewer anticipation, and it was enough to get me to plunk down twenty-something dollars in a random blind-buy frenzy. Most film-fans know that often those of knee-jerk purchases can end in frustration, but Ackyl Anwari’s 1987 movie somehow, impossibly, lives up to the hype as it boldly tosses everything in the sink and stirs it up with a machine gun. This unapologetic trash is part women-in-prison movie, part moody girl-biker Pinky-violence, and part stunted-packed exploitation revenge film. Cover all that in bright, tacky, tight-fitting 1980s outfits and headbands, and we’re talking about optimal beer n’ pizza party entertainment, here.

Thanks to the unearthing of this brainless ode to violent fun, I was introduced to a genre of Indonesian cinema that has since become one of my favourites. I happily leapfrogged from Virgins From Hell into the movies of Arizal (The Stabiliser, Final Score, Lethal Hunter, Special Silencers), Jopi Burnama (Rambu: The Intruder), Ratno Timoer (The Devil's Sword, The Blind Warrior) and of course, the unforgettable Lady Terminator.

My friends, it is a movie like this that can change your whole set of viewing habits, and for that I owe the folks at Mondo Macabro a debt of gratitude.

Robin Bougie is a cartoonist, journalist and longtime trash movie fanatic. His legendary self-published 'zine CINEMA SEWER recently published its 25th issue and has been collected into (so far) three essential books by FAB Press. He has also written extensively on the porn industry for the likes of Screw Magazine and He currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

For the next month only, VIRGINS FROM HELL is on sale for only half its SRP from TLA Video! That's a steal! If you don't already have this'n, then what in the heck are you waitin' for?!?

Thursday 10 May 2012

70 Classic Korean Films on Youtube!

Good news for fans of pre-millennial South Korean cinema! The Korean Film Archive has posted 70 classic movies to their YouTube channel, complete with English subtitles! This is the first time ever that some of these films have been seen with an English language option. Although we would've like to have seen more of the great oddball horror films that emerged from the ROK from the 60s through the 80s, there are a handful of pyschotronic delights to be had. Chief among these has to be 7 films by Korea's maestro of eccentricity Kim Ki-Young, including the mind-warping WOMAN AFTER A KILLER BUTTERFLY, a movie I've longed to see with English subtitles for years now. Check out the full list of films here.

Friday 4 May 2012

Help Restore the Lost Films of HG Lewis!

A company calling itself Process Blue: Side Projects have come across a rare and fascinating treasure, original film negatives for three previously lost sexploitation films by schlock cinema pioneer Hershell Gordon Lewis!

They have the goal of completely restoring these (literal) trash movies to pristine HD glory and preserve them forever on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Towards this ambition PB:SP have initiated a Kickstarter campaign to attract generous backers.

Give, give, give until it hurts to assure that LINDA & ABILENE (1969), ECSTASIES OF WOMEN (1969) and BLACK LOVE (1971) are restored to vivid life!

For more info and to contribute just pass your cursor over this and click away!

Tuesday 1 May 2012