Monday 29 July 2013

At long last ... Jess Franco's HOW TO SEDUCE A VIRGIN!

How to Seduce a Virgin
Label: Mondo Macabro
Pre-book: 09/10/13 Streets: 10/08/13 SRP: 24.95
UPC: 843276015398 Cat: MDO153 Region 1
Run Time: 87 Minutes In French. Genre: Horror Color. 1.33:1 full frame Original Ratio.
Director: Jess Franco Stars: Robert Woods, Alice Arno, Lina Romay, Tania Busselier Production year: 1973 Rated: NR

The beautiful Countess Martine de Bressac is released from the expensive asylum where she was incarcerated after castrating her former lover. She returns to her luxurious villa on the coast and goes at once down into her private underground dungeon. It’s here that she indulges herself in the perverse sexual practices that give her life meaning, surrounded by the bizarre human statues of her previous victims. Her husband, Charles, feeds his wife’s sick fantasies, aware that she is his meal ticket to a life of luxury. He announces that he has a new game for her - they will befriend and seduce the young and virginal daughter of a rich neighbor. But things do not go exactly as planned…

Games of decadence and debauchery lead to mayhem and murder. From cult director Jess Franco. His most outrageous film. First ever US release.

Bonus Features include:
Brand new transfer from film negative.
Interview with writer Alain Petit.
Introduction by critic Stephen Thrower.
Newly created optional subtitles.
Extensive production notes.
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Monday 22 July 2013

DON'T PANIC! (part 2)

We’re just updating our website. There’ll be a fair few changes over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, the best place to check in for info or ask any questions will be here.

Several titles will be going out of print soon as licenses expire and we will list all those in the next update.

A quick question – we’ve a number of titles that are about to run out of stock that we’d like to keep on catalog, as we get requests for them from time to time. However the sales numbers are really too low for it to be economical for us to repress them in large quantities.

We’d liked to know what you think about us offering some of these as “on demand” titles. That’s to say, burned rather than pressed. The covers, red boxes, disc labels etc would be as before, but we’d be offering these at a lower price, of course.

Before we make any decisions, we’d like to know what you think. Would you rather these titles went entirely out of print or would you prefer us to continue offering them as burns for a limited time?

We don’t have a list of titles at present, but Born of Fire and maybe the third Bollywood horror release would be among them. Right now we’d just like to know what you think. Thanks for your response!