Wednesday 14 January 2009

Mondo Macabro: The Interview Vaults - Episode 1 - The Conductor of the Bizarre!

Over the years we've interviewed a lot of folks here at Mondo HQ - and now we're delving into the vaults to bring you some footage that's never seen the light of day - The Interview Vaults is an ongoing series of snippets, clips, facts and fictions from some of the cult movie worlds brightest stars.....

Episode 1: Mel Welles

Cult hero Mel Welles (in what was possibly his last filmed interview) talks about his friend Lord Buckley - the hip talking monarch of cool.

Buckley was an extraordinary figure - light years ahead of his time - and Welles was his greatest friend... as his testimony to the great man reveals....

Mondo Macabro - Interview Vaults Episode 1 - Mel Welles on Lord Buckley from Mondo Macabro on Vimeo.

More Buckleymania via YouTube

Keep tuned for episode 2!

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  1. I've loved Lord Buckley for years and years, yet it's never dawned on me until now to look him up on YouTube.
    Great stuff!
    PC x