Thursday 30 April 2009

Cameras roll on our new movie Down Terrace

Its dark, its bleak and its very very funny - the New Wave of Kitchen Sink starts here.... Cameras have started to roll on our new movie Down Terrace - the debut feature from director Ben Wheatley, the black comedy king behind BBC3's The Wrong Door and interweb crumbling site MrandMrsWheatley. Here's some pics.....more soon...gotta get back to it!

Director Ben Wheatley and DP Laurie Rose on set

Party time with actors Rob Hill (co-writer), Julia Deakin (Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), Tony Way (Extras, Blunder, Titty Bang Bang) & Bob Hill.

Mr Wheatley finds the cast. Rob Hill, Dave Schaal (The Office, Inbetweeners) and Michael Smiley (Outpost, Wrong Door)

Bad day at the office for Rob Hill

The all-seeing-eye of the RED camera

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