Tuesday 16 June 2009

Villa Estrella Trailer

Our friend Rico Ilarde (Killdroid) has been busy over the last few
months shooting a glossy, romantic horror movie for Star Cinema
ABS/CBN, one of the biggest producers in the Philippines.

The first full trailer is finally up:

Some nice Bava-esque lighting, a scary child and a doll decapitation.
Looks like a winner.

Rico and his team are working flat out to get the movie ready for its
premier on July 1st. Good luck guys!

1 comment:

  1. Mondo, thanks for the post and congrats on the blog! Yep, we're rushing this for the July 1 opening. Apparently, they prefer this photo-finish style of doing the prints as a way to combat piracy! Can't say I'm used to this type of frenzied post production BUT just have to deal with it and make that play-date. Mondo kicks butt! Peace! :-D