Monday 1 March 2010

Lorna - june 30th 2010

Hi folks -
The first of our new Jess Franco release will be Lorna the Exorcist - streeting June 30th. Here's the cover - once again designed by all round genius of the pen, Mr Gilles Vranckx. (Gilles is also responsible for the brilliant poster for french film AMER - which we highly recommend! )


  1. Great announcement.
    Any info if this is going to be dubbed or with original audio + subtitles?

  2. I Vote french audio with english subtitles. Why ruin a classic Franco with dubbing? Or give the dubbing only as an option.

  3. Can't wait!!! Can't wait!!!

    Now on another note, though I know this is a strange place to post the question, I'm doing it since its the top post.

    The special for South Asian Cinema, there is a scene of a guy from a Bollywood movie who extends his fingers, pulls out his tongue and stretches his neck. My question, what is the name of that movie? Please its driving me nuts!!!

  4. Just pre-ordered mine today. I can't wait to see this in better shape after all those years in crappy quality. Thanks MM !

  5. Hey Mondo Macabro guys --

    I tried to send you this privately, but your e-mail address is bouncing back for some reason.

    My name is Steve Simels, and I write about movies and related stuff in a daily column at the website of Box Office magazine.

    I just posted a nice little plug for both you and Dracula in Pakistan

    And I would be your best friend forever...i.e., write about your forthcoming stuff...if you could possibly see your way to sending me a review copy. I'd dearly love to see DIP....

    Anyway, thanks in advance if you can. E-mail me at and I'll send you my home address.

    Again, thanks in advance if you can do this...