Friday 11 June 2010

An Apology: A few words about Lorna...

Just so you hear it from us first – Lorna the Exorcist release will, sadly, be delayed. Due end of this month, it will now be a month or so late. This is due to circumstances GENUINELY beyond our control. Trust us, if you knew how hard we’ve worked to get round this, you’d be minting us medals rather than hurling epithets. In our defence, we’d like to point out that in nearly 50 MM releases, this is the first time this has happened….so…apologies..

To look on the bright side, Sinner is now done and dusted. Here’s the wonderful Gilles Vranckx cover:

And will be out very soon. Dates to be confirmed.

To keep your Lorna appetites whetted, and to demonstrate how wonderful the DVD will be... here are some screen grabs:

(and yes... the notorious scene everyone was asking about… it's in...)


  1. Beautiful screencaps ! I can't wait to get my hands on this remastered LORNA. Even better with the controversial scene in it. Too bad it's late in the release schedule but to get it done right, I really don't mind. Thanks for the perfect LORNA the first time around and keep up the great work. I (and surely all Franco fans) appreciate it !

  2. Groovy! Can't wait! I'll get the lemon juice ready. (crab joke. hee hee. ha.)