Thursday 3 February 2011

MMArchives: Tina Aumont - Ten Years In Another Town

Many years ago we released a few DVD's in the UK - one of our favourites was Cesar Canevari's The Nude Princess.

A real euroddity starring Ajita Wilson and Tina Aumont. We were lucky enough to get one of the last interviews with Tina before she sadly passed away in 2006. The disc is long since discontinued but we thought we'd share the interview with you again here. Even this late in her life Tina still possesses an incredible aura - it's impossible to drag yourself away from those eyes!

As well as roles in such eurocult classics as Howl, Salon Kitty and Torso, Tina also appeared in the superb Mondo Macabro release Lifespan - starring the late great Klaus Kinski. Here's a taster...

There's loads of great stuff on Tina Aumont all over the interweb but click here for a very nice blogpost including loads of photos.

*** By the way - we've made the Tina interview YouTube friendly by the addition of some not very subtle black blocks - if you want the unexpurgated version we suggest a trawl around Ebay ***

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  1. I picked up THE NUDE PRINCESS when it was in-print through Xploited Cinema. I knew nothing about the film and tossed it in with a couple other titles in a sizable order. It is a really enjoyable, though hard-to-classify Italian genre pic. Not exactly typical Italian erotica, but not politically or philosophically substantive enough to be an art film, but entertaining nonetheless with Ajita, Luigi Pistilli, and Tina Aumont. The score is deserving of a soundtrack, along with the great theme song. Has there ever been any consideration of releasing this one in the US?