Sunday 24 April 2011

New Release - STRIPTEASE - starring Nico! Music by Serge Gainsbourg

Streetdate end May 11 - packed full of extras - and a brand new master - the world DVD premiere of Nico's first ever starring film role.


  1. neat Betty Page styled cover

  2. Looks fun. Nico and Gainsbourg - I'll definitely check it out. Also, I'm normally not this anal, but, just in case that's the actual back cover art, there's a typo in the 2nd paragraph - play should be "plays"

  3. ah! You spotted the deliberate mistake...

  4. My order from TLA was cancelled, saying Strip-tease was not available. Diabolik doesn't list it in their catalog. Yesterday on Amazon, it was available for pre-order, but today it says unavailable. As soon as TLA cancelled my order, I ordered it through Amazon, which gives a delivery date of May 23-27. Now I wonder if Amazon will cancel as well? WTF, Mondo Macabro?

  5. Hi Anonymous -
    For reasons you'll find out soon enough STRIP TEASE has been put back a few weeks - sincere apologies but there's some big shake ups going on around here at the moment - we'll let you know the news (hopefully good) ASAP - thanks for hanging on in there
    Mondo HQ

  6. Sorry Mondo HQ, hearing by 17-May would have been "soon enough". As far as Stip-Tease being "put back a few weeks", another Macabro customer told me the story behind Macabro's weeks-into-months delay of Lorna the Exorcist, so excuse me if I say I'll believe it when Strip-Tease is in my hands.
    Great job done on Lorna, I'm not questioning your expertise and dedication to film - very nice.
    But to give major outlets like amazon & TLA a release date and then just blow it off like it's nothing is bad to fans and very bad for business. Why so difficult to actually wait until you're certain, and have stock ready to ship, then give them a release date?
    All your excellent film restoral work will be for nothing if Macabro gets branded as consistently unreliable by big potential sales outlets for your work! C'mon!

    Love, Anger, Disappointment,
    Big Junebug Johnson

  7. Extremely disappointed with the news. I was REALLY looking forward to this release.

    By the way, Amazon just sent me an e-mail giving a new release date for Strip-tease: AUGUST 5TH, 2011. So definitely NOT a "few weeks". Bummer.

  8. Please note the typo on the back cover "Dany Savel" should be "Dany Saval" with an A.
    "Poupee La Rose" should be "Poupée La Rose".
    "the 1960's Paris strip tease scene" should be
    "the 1960s' Paris strip tease scene".
    "of 1960s Paris night life" should be "of 1960s' Paris night life".

    Unearthly allure???


  9. NEW RELEASE DATE: JULY 12th!!!!!

  10. Alain Goraguer also works for the music of this film.
    See my blog :
    No mention on this DVD ?