Monday 22 July 2013

DON'T PANIC! (part 2)

We’re just updating our website. There’ll be a fair few changes over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, the best place to check in for info or ask any questions will be here.

Several titles will be going out of print soon as licenses expire and we will list all those in the next update.

A quick question – we’ve a number of titles that are about to run out of stock that we’d like to keep on catalog, as we get requests for them from time to time. However the sales numbers are really too low for it to be economical for us to repress them in large quantities.

We’d liked to know what you think about us offering some of these as “on demand” titles. That’s to say, burned rather than pressed. The covers, red boxes, disc labels etc would be as before, but we’d be offering these at a lower price, of course.

Before we make any decisions, we’d like to know what you think. Would you rather these titles went entirely out of print or would you prefer us to continue offering them as burns for a limited time?

We don’t have a list of titles at present, but Born of Fire and maybe the third Bollywood horror release would be among them. Right now we’d just like to know what you think. Thanks for your response!



  1. So where is the best place to get titles that are running out and may not be repressed? I've looked all over for the three Bollywood Horror titles and everyone is out of stock, or don't even list them anymore.

  2. I'm all for the on demand burns. Would you compress a DVD9 disc to DVD5 size though?

  3. I'd jump at the chance to pick up some currently hard to find titles from you at an affordable price - burned or pressed is not really an issue for me.

  4. I usually take against burned discs but if it doesn't make financial sense to re-press stuff then I'd rather you went the 'on demand' route instead of stuff going out of print all together.

  5. MM is a quality label and there is no need to sell cheap burned dvds. In 3 or 4 years no burned dvds will be able to play without trouble. There are no reasons to buy this burned dvds.

  6. I have home-burned DVDs that are 10 years old and still play just fine. Also, I think (and you will know better than I) that commercial burn-on-demand (think Warner Archives) has a similar lifespan to pressed DVDs.

    Regardless, I'd rather see titles remain in print that way than go out of print altogether.

  7. As a HUGE MM fan, one who buys ever title, I would HATE to see the MOD, burned DVD's. I feel if they are OOP, they are OOP. There has been plenty of time to get the titles and people have decided not.

    Additionally, even though you would offer the case, the sleeve, etc. I, personally, would rather save $10, or however much they would be, download them and make my own.

    Nothing beats a nice pressed DVD!!

  8. I'm fine with on-demand pressings. I've gotten several from WB. Hope these are a little cheaper, as those are pretty pricey for a burner. Appreciate the opportunity for input.

  9. The niche MM has carved out relies on its selectivity, it's knowledge, it's respectful treatment of films Pete has long championed, and so I feel like, unless it is of paramount importance from a financial standpoint to offer burned discs on demand in order to simply stay afloat, I would suggest keeping this level of integrity I perceive intact, by offering one-time, actual pressings, and let the buyer simply beware. That's how I always viewed the MM titles. Loved films in finite runs, that you HAVE to pounce on, or you are screwed. It's a way to use the reality of the business to your own aesthetic advantage anyway. I personally would hate to see MM become either a burned disc shop, or an endless replication factory. There seems to have been, for all these years, already a happy medium set up, and it has a resonant tone.

  10. I get the impression that long-time fans just want to own rarities and feel threatened by "burnt offerings".

    OF COURSE these movies are here to be watched, and new generations of film-fans will learn about yet unknown films.
    If MONDO MACABRO wants to be some obscure name of has-been movies published years ago - good luck.

    If you want to remain the SOURCE you have been, get it going and keep the titles in print as long as possible.

    Pressed, burnt, carved DVDs... Whatever!

    Personally I would prefer downloads over burnt copies.
    But whatever you do: KEEP THE MOVIES AVAILABLE!

  11. Please don't release cheapo MOD DVDR, they sucks!

    Also can you tell us WHICH title will be OOP, that would be nice!

    Keep the good work alive, MM rocks!