Monday 18 February 2013

ARG… GGGHHHHHH! Or, Business is Business

Things move fast in the wonderful world of “cult” movies.

One week you have an email confirming that your offer for a film has been accepted, the deal is on, and the paperwork is on its way, the next you hear that the deal has been cancelled, with all sorts of nefarious reasons given.

Which is a long winded and slightly  bitter way of announcing that the “Rights Holders” – so we were told – have now at the  11th hour cancelled the deal for all of  the Robbe Grillet titles.

Obviously we’re pissed off. We think we would have done a good job on them and, let’s be honest, we were championing these films for years in the face of general indifference so feel that we’ve helped to create whatever market might have existed for them.

But we’re big boys and we’ll get over it. And hopefully any of you out there who wanted to buy these won’t suffer too much as we’re sure they will be released at some future time in the US. Just not by us. Seems like we were gazumped by someone with deeper pockets.

Annoying, but like we said above, business is business. Profuse apologies to all for this hiccup. We move on…

- Pete Tombs


  1. This is disappointing ya'll usually do a good job, I was getting excited.

  2. This sucks!
    MM's production values are the best, I'm always much more excited to get a disc from you than from most other publishers.

  3. Considering your track record of releasing obscure and offbeat classics from all over the world with the respect and care they deserve, the rights holders to the Robbe-Grillet films are very foolish.

  4. It's time for DOLLS FOR SALE :)))

  5. I'm really sorry to hear this, Pete. I would not know about these films if it were not for their inclusion in "Immoral Tales", and can think of no other company that would do them justice.

  6. Sad but as you said business is business, i know the ARG dvd are planned to be released in France as well, maybe they don't want to shortcut the future sales!

    Btw i hope you'll be releasing some more Franco on MM, some gems still deserves to be rediscovered in good shape!

  7. I just read Lucas'comment above... is MM gonna release Franco's LES EBRANLEES??????

  8. scott, here's at least PLAISIR À TROIS that is still coming:

    Hopefully soon. :)

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